Google Ads SEM Setup and 1-Hour Training




*Not inclusive of paid advertising spend.

Google Ads help you to have a presence online for customers searching relevant keywords that you don’t rank for organically. SEM means “search engine marketing”. That means your website will get more traffic. And when they are set up effectively, they can increase the rate of user conversion on your site – meaning more revenue, too.

As a Google Ads expert with a demonstrated record of record-breaking growth through paid advertising, ALK Digital Marketing is your solution for paid advertising.

The one-time Google Ads campaign setup is a good option for companies who aren’t ready to invest in full-time ads management, but don’t want to go it alone.

The digital purchase of Google Ads SEM Setup and 1-Hour Training includes the following:

  • Keyword Research to Identify Relevant Keywords to Bid On
  • Website Revenue Analysis and Campaign Budget Recommendation**
  • Campaign Targeting Recommendations
  • Ad Copy Drafting
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Conversion Action Setup***
  • 1 SEM Campaign Setup
  • Your User Access Setup
  • 1-Hour Basic Account Management Training****

All will be delivered within 90 days of product purchase.

**Accurate analysis and effective budgeting recommendation requires granting ALK access to at least ballpark figures of monthly/annual website revenue.
***Revenue conversion reporting will require the business to already have GA4 conversion reporting in place. Otherwise the default goals will be traffic and phone calls.
**** 1-hour Account Management Training will be scheduled after purchase.

For multiple campaigns, multiple ad channels, paid advertising troubleshooting or long-term paid advertising management & strategy, reach out to ALK Digital Marketing about booking digital advertising services by monthly subscription.


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