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About ALK Digital Marketing

About ALK

The Story

From Nature to Digital

While hiking in Hawaii’s challenging and awe-inspiring mountain terrain, Allison found she had more strength than she knew she had. Similarly, there are companies in Hawaii and worldwide that have yet to recognize their potential online.

Allison formed ALK Digital Marketing in 2020 to help businesses navigate the digital landscape, from websites to social media and beyond.

Allison works with companies to take charge of their data and identify opportunities for their customers online.

Most of all, she ensures that companies understand the “why” behind her strategies. 

When she’s not pounding away at the laptop, Allison is resetting out in nature to refuel for the next big challenge online.

Allison Kronberg

What Sets ALK Apart

Data Driven

Marketing without analytics is like driving blindfolded. Although you may already have the tools, thorough data analysis takes time - time that business owners don't have. ALK Digital Marketing assists companies in using the wealth of data available for their assets to allow for the best business outcomes.

Diverse Experience

Having worked with B2B, health care, tourism, retail and nonprofits, Allison can advise just about any type of business. And having been on both the client side and agency side, she knows what you're looking for and how to deliver efficiently. Her wide skillset includes photography, graphic design, programming and many other essential digital skills.


More than anything, ALK Digital Marketing thrives off of transparency. Allison will remain in communication every step of the way to ensure there is clarity behind each strategy for all stakeholders. She won't inflate numbers that aren't there. There's no need to manipulate data with ALK.