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Social Media Marketing

Allison Kronberg immerses herself in social media marketing both personally and professionally. It’s the only way to stay on top of the algorithm.

With five years of experience representing multiple brands online and managing their social media, ALK Digital Marketing will assist your company with growth while finding its distinct social voice.

Growth, Influencers and Quality Content

ALK Digital Marketing has helped several brands turn social media followers into active and enthusiastic supporters.

Grow followers on Instagram with ALK Marketing

In a couple years, ALK Digital Marketing’s client Dolphins and You Instagram account gained more than 5,000 new followers under Allison’s management. Her team increased engagement, frequency of live videos, caption relevance and thoughtful tagging to achieve the almost exclusively organic growth.

Grow Engagement on Facebook with ALK Marketing

The Dolphins and You Facebook is home to thousands of devoted followers. Through live videos and relevant new information for Hawaii travelers, the account more than doubled its average post engagement from 2018 to 2020. 

During Allison’s time with the company, the And You Creations Pinterest account following grew substantially.

The audience for its Pinterest posts increased more than 400% in less than one year, thanks in part to more frequent posting and original content.

Influencer Relationships

Allison has many fruitful and personal relationships with influential accounts across social media. She utilized several of her connections during her time with Ocean Journeys, LLC to boost the following for @dolphinsandyou and @andyoucreations.

Social Media Marketing Content Strategy

Allison worked with a photographer and videographer to methodically fulfill a year-long content strategy. Viewers of broad-level Hawaii content were served targeted video ads that introduced the brand. The company saw a 3x increase in Youtube subscribers as a result.

Allison used her journalism background to interview subjects and write stories for the company’s use, along with supplementing photography and video production and editing.