ALK Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Advertising Service

Elevated Paid Ads Management

ALK Digital Marketing has been trusted with managing monthly budgets from $500 to $100k+, with ad performance contributing to substantial year-over-year revenue growth and returns averaging greater than 10x.

Digital ads on search engines and social media allow companies to make the customer’s journey easier.
ALK Digital Marketing provides certified experience in testing, budgeting and managing
a digital advertising service that performs.

Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is an important step to creating digital ads. Allison has experience researching and managing keywords for SEM.

Ad Design

Designing, curating and testing content provides a positive user experience for the customer journey through ad content.

Landing Page

Ads will not perform optimally without a relevant and mobile-friendly landing page. Make sure you're not missing the mark.


Correctly tracking conversions and traffic is crucial for testing and regular improvement for optimal digital ads.

Google Ads Marketing Services

Google Ads

Google's advertising landscape is a ripe opportunity to take advantage of. IF you know how to play the game. 

Reclaim traffic from keywords that don't rank organically, target potential customers searching for relevant services or expose potential supporters to your brand across Google's vast network. Utilize ALK Digital Marketing's expertise to ensure your company is making the most of its ad spend. 

remarketing Ads

If budget allows, every company should run remarketing ads. It's a no-brainer. 

Research shows that once a user has visited a website, they are more likely to convert into a customer in the future. Remarketing ads keep your company top-of-mind and prime customer leads to make their next purchase. With a little bit of coding, ALK Digital Marketing can set up your remarketing ads.

Meta Advertising

mobile and social media Ads

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase brand awareness and grow a social media audience.

Meta, TikTok and others allow for fine-tuned audience targeting. And with expanded features for e-commerce, social media ads are a practical focus for any advertising budget. ALK Digital Marketing will make sure that your ad content resonates with your audience and that your campaign is optimized for social algorithm distribution.