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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

ALK Digital Marketing applies integrated strategies of keyword research, content marketing, link building, on-page
optimization and technical coding to help companies dominate search engine listings.

SEO Marketing

Make sure that when a customer searches for a relevant keyword that your content is there to meet them. SEO Marketing is the marketing of the future, and the earlier that companies optimize their content, the better off they are. 


Converting Traffic from Google

As traffic from organic search grows,
so should customer leads.

ALK Digital Marketing has experience in exponentially growing the converting traffic from Google search for multiple companies. Laying the groundwork for an effective search strategy results in a converting funnel for years to come.


Relevant Content

ALK Digital Marketing makes sure that all content produced has a place in the customer journey. ALK has led many companies from buried listings to Page 1 for their preferred keywords.

More relevant traffic leads to more converting traffic, which increases online bookings and  revenue significantly.


Search Engine Results Pages

ALK Digital Marketing focuses on increasing Google rank for keywords with high likelihoods of converting.

ALK Digital Marketing focuses not only on ranking within text search results, but also expands rank to cover Google Image, Google Business, voice search, video listings and other search opportunities.


Site Authority

Any SEO specialist knows that search results are not only influenced by what's on the page. ALK Digital Marketing goes behind the scenes with company websites to avoid duplicate content and broken links, increase quality external links, improve site speed and implement structured data.