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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Allison Kronberg has two years of experience actively managing a customer-facing brand’s image and reputation online. At Ocean Journeys, LLC, she handled not only marketing, but also all English customer digital inquiries and interactions.


Solidifying Reputation

Before working in digital marketing, Allison held a vast variety of customer service positions, from retail to restaurants to party planning. 

The years she spent dependent on customer satisfaction for tips and recommendations prepared her well for protecting a brand's reputation online. Using a uniquely integrated, in-house review solution, she doubled the average amount of 5-star reviews per Ocean Journeys, LLC tour and boosted the company's TripAdvisor activity rank from #32 to #13 in Honolulu.

She also listened intently to those who were not satisfied with their experience and worked tirelessly to turn them into a satisfied customer.

Review before reputation management



Review After Reputation Management

Corporate Branding

Allison also worked with And You Creations (Ocean Journeys, LLC) to develop brand guidelines and standard operating procedures for the marketing department to sync the company’s branding and messaging across all platforms.

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